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We fixed or upgraded technology that was already up-and-running.

Custom Integrations

We created custom tools and seamlessly integrated them with the existing technology.

Salesforce Consulting

This client is benefiting from our sales, marketing, and operational support.

Tech Consulting

Our exceptional support is backed by years of technology experience.

The Tile Ready brand products that are used by professional builders in 5 star hotels, casino hotels, high-end condos and single family residences – both new construction and renovations – are the same quality products we sell to small contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

Tile Redi is a great example of how we can increase operational efficiency through both consultation and implementation. They came to us with an inefficient Microsoft Excel workflow in dire need of greater salesman productivity.

We transitioned them to Salesforce, increasing salesman productivity by 20%. They also gained reporting for executives under a single, cohesive technology stack.


Details & Info

Tile Redi is the inventor of Tile Ready brand shower products. They offer the industry’s largest selection of Ready-to-Tile products including: one-piece shower pans in a variety of models, shower shelves, shower seats, shaving steps, and decorative shelf kits.