New Website

We played a big part in designing and crafting this site from start to finish.

Search Engine Optimized

This site was designed for high visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

Responsive Design

This site was built to look good and function well on all devices.


This site is rock-solid reliable. Has advanced security features and is updated regularly.

As the years went on and technology became an integral part of my daily life, I realized that creativity alone is not enough, if not combined with innovation, to create ideas that are worth spreading.

Sara came to us ready to rebrand with a new website. She didn’t need many pages, but she wanted the pages she had to tell her story in a hyper-elegant way. We ran with that. We also made sure the site got attention.

It’s search engine friendly so that people all over the web can find it easily. Our technology was chosen carefully and the results show. Click around her site. It’s delightfully interactive.


Details & Info

An award winning creative innovation activist, ideas fanatic, technologist, obsessed with empowering organisations and individuals in reaching their full creative potential.