New Website

We played a big part in planning and crafting this site from start to finish.


Has membership features for registrations, recurring payments, and member management.

Events Calendar

Can manage and display events in a calendar display.


Some pages and forms on the website are synchronized with external cloud services.

Smart Forms

There are forms which have conditionally visible fields, based on prior form answers.

Responsive Design

This site was built to look good and function well on all devices.

Search Engine Optimized

This site was designed for high visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.


This site is rock-solid reliable. Has advanced security features and is updated regularly.

The opportunities for the organic industry have never been greater. For OTA to lead organic stakeholders – farmers, processors, handlers, retailers – to greater financial profitability, to greater political influence, and to a greater role as the example of agricultural excellence in protecting the environment and producing the highest and safest quality products, OTA is looking 15 years into the future and defining its vision for the association.

OTA is a collaboration project with Fionta. We’re proud that this site looks and operates like a nonprofit site should. It’s clean, informational, and inexpensive to maintain.

It’s well branded to state both professionalism as well as community outreach. The site has performed really well. It ranks high on related search results. Page loads are fast and it’s safe and secure. Not too shabby for an early work!

Backend Development
Styling / Front-End

Details & Info

OTA believes the growing demand in the organic market will continue to outpace supply. This widening gap between supply and demand for organic products sets the stage for a critical era in the growth of organic. With OTA’s leadership, the organic supply chain can work together to deliver on the promise of organic to agriculture, the environment and the public.

Client Organic Trade Association