New Website

We played a big part in designing and crafting this site from start to finish.

Custom Integrations

We created custom tools and seamlessly integrated them with the existing technology.

Tech Consulting

Our exceptional support is backed by years of technology experience.

Global Integrity worked closely with locally based experts and reviewers to gather the data, fact check the scores, comments, and sources, and compile each country scorecard.

We partnered with Global Integrity to build Money, Politics, Transparency (MPT) a new website. We’re proud of the interactive tools we built, but we’re even more proud of the benevolent mission the site embodies.

It uses a blend of data backed and fact checked sources to create a site. we believe is effective in adding transparency and fighting corruption.


Details & Info

The Money, Politics, and Transparency (MPT) Campaign Finance Indicators mobilized a highly qualified global network of more than 110 political finance experts from academia, journalism, and civil society to generate rich, comparative, country-level data on the transparency and effectiveness of political finance regimes across the world. A rigorous cross-national survey, MPT examines both the de jure legislation regulating political finance and the de facto implementation of that legislation.

Client Money Politics & Transparency