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Thus far, over 15,000 children in 38 states plus Canada and Mexico have helped hundreds of charities and touched the lives of nearly two million people in their communities and worldwide through their involvement in theMISSION POSSIBLE KIDS program.

We came across Mission Possible Kids as a collaboration with Ginko Street Labs. Work for MPK has been a lot of fun given the  ‘spy kids’ theme they are going for. But it’s not style and without substance. MPK does a great job directing kids towards volunteer opportunities that make a difference.

We developed and designed custom web application features using their Drupal based site. We also set up CiviCRM for them so they could manage the site with ease.


Details & Info

MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS (aka MPK) is a nonprofit empowering kids to become agents of change – in their own lives and the lives of others. Kids accomplish “hands-on” TOP SECRET missions such as food banks, assisting with disaster relief, and supporting troops overseas.