Tech Consulting

Our exceptional support is backed by years of technology experience.

Custom Integrations

We created custom tools and seamlessly integrated them with the existing technology.

Data Migration

We helped moved large swathes of information from one center to another.

People power is key to advancing the causes of nonprofit and advocacy organizations; technology should empower individuals rather than attempt to replace or de-emphasize their roles.

Ginko Street Labs has been a great partner for us. Like us, they pair technology know how with a desire to improve and empower the non-profit world. We’ve partnered with them to work with a number of clients.

Those clients include Cognosante, The Volunteer Leader Center, Mission Possible Kids, Philly Orchards, Classical Studies, and YI Advisors.


Details & Info

Founded in 2009, Ginkgo Street Labs came about from a desire to provide the right solutions to the right people. With over 14 combined years of experience in the non-profit and advocacy arena, we realized we could help more people by setting up our own shop.