New Website

We played a big part in designing and crafting this site from start to finish.


This site is inviting and accessible to multiple languages.

Custom Integrations

We created custom tools and seamlessly integrated them with the existing technology.

Premium Support

We worked closely with clients designing features and providing educational content.

Measuring both the existing legal framework and the “in practice” implementation is key in our effort to produce actionable governance data that help governments, citizens and civil society understand the implementation gap between law and practice, evaluate the status quo and identify intervention points for subsequent reform efforts.


This is a micro-website we made for Global Integrity, which we’ve partnered with for a number of projects. It is meant to function as a fact-based, data visualization tool. So we focused our efforts in elevating research-based, rather than sales or marketing related, communication.

We’re incredibly proud and inspired by works like the Africa Integrity Indicators. They embody the benevolent spirit we hope to foster in the organizations we work with.


Details & Info

In 2012, Global Integrity embarked on a five-year collaboration to generate the Africa Integrity Indicators (AII), which assesses key social, economic, political and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level across the continent. They recruit and manage teams of in-country contributors in 54 countries to generate original governance data on an annual basis.

Client Africa Integrity Indicators