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about us.

I started Benevolent Tech because I love working with and helping other mission-driver organizations, especially those who foster community or improve our environment. Coming from a technical background, I found my interests and skills best align with non-profits in digital strategy and development.

Towards that end, I've focused my entire career on online marketing and digital technologies. I leverage my experience and passion to hand-pick and implement technologies which are beautiful inside and out, affordable, easy to use, and boost conversions. Think of us as Red Bull for your business.



Founded. Frustrated with the epidemic inefficiencies and moral shortcomings in the digital agency space, Brian Dombrowski formed Benevolent Tech —  a lean, altruistic agency.


Growth. Armed with a tremendous amount of learnings from 2015, Brian focused on product-market fit and sustainability by expanding the executive team and services in 2016. With the addition of Ryan Troll and Zollie Barnes, we now offer full-range product strategy, research, marketing, and execution.


Pivot. With the massive industry shift to off-shore out-sourcing, our long-term sustainability was threatened. Brian and Ryan decided to focus on our other brand,, to a new agency model focused on a common industry need: “innovation as a service”. TheoryHQ’s services differ in that they focus more on the needs of early-stage product ideas for innovation labs and incubators.

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Brian Dombrowski

Director of Engineering

Ryan Troll

Director of Product

Zollie Barnes

Director of Design

The Calvary


  • Roman Mykytiuk
  • Zollie Barnes
  • James Viola
  • Stacey Brown


  • Zollie Barnes
  • Andrew Martynyshyn
  • Sasha Mykhalchuk


  • Colleen Swanzey
  • Alex Schmidt


  • Colleen Swanzey
  • Peter Cardomone
  • Beth Dombrowski

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About Us

Baltimore's leading web and CRM consulting agency. We love the hustle of design, marketing and sales, and know how to fuse those with the best market-research and technology.

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